Because that’s the way Faulkner 2.0 would do it

So much to do to get an agent for a novel.

Read the guidebooks. Read the how-to-get-an-agent books (most of which are written by agents who include in their guidebook listings “Read my book,” as if this is a mandatory tit-for-tat), go to writers’ conferences, study the websites, get those queries out…

And set up a webpage. Seems everyone has to have a webpage and authors, especially unpublished authors, are no exception.

The only thing I knew about setting up a webpage was that GoDaddy seemed to be the go-to place for that. I hate the company’s Super Bowl commercials, but I like Danica Patrick, so I went to GoDaddy. And wow! They have an almost free webpage builder available. Actually, it cost $25. I’m nothing if not cheap, so I signed up, threw it together, and there it was.

So I got it up and I spread the word — I posted about it on Facebook. Then I waited for the world.

Actually, I got a response right away.

My friend John Frost, founder and blogmeister for The Disney Blog, powerhouse of the theme park news genre, sent me a note telling me, essentially, that my website sucked. I had hung a crayon drawing in a gallery of acrylics.

This is not exactly what he said, but this was my takeaway from John’s note. Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott. You’re embarrassing us.

More importantly, John offered lots of detailed advice, which essentially summed up as: Go pro with this. In his recommendation, that means WordPress. He had one more point: include a blog.

John’s been blogging successfully for so many years, for all I know he might have invented the blog. I’ll look it up some day and get back to you on that.

Anyway, when you get advice from a master, take it. I followed his advice, step-by-step, at least as far as his advice took me. So he gets credit for inspiring this; I get blame for anything you don’t like.

One thought on “Because that’s the way Faulkner 2.0 would do it

  1. John is one of our muses, too. As Mike and I begin to navigate the rocky shores of social media for our books, we have a mantra: WWJD. Good luck, Scott!

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