Beta Readers may be easier to find than I thought

I put out a social media call last night for Beta Readers for my The Murder Plague manuscript and was quickly met by seven excellent volunteers shouting “Me! Me! Me!”

There may be no authors or fiction editors in this mix, but there are some who are close. Several current or former newspaper writers and editors, and some English lit majors. At least three who’ve got a history of being so bluntly honest with me to really piss me off. At least three who are such voracious readers that they humble me. Some clearly are in my target audience.

I shipped Beta drafts to all of them. Now I have to bunker down and prepare myself for the incoming fusillade. Because it’s coming.

I’m beginning to wonder whether I didn’t do this earlier because I thought it would be difficult to convince people to take the significant time and effort to be Beta readers, or because I was afraid of what they would say.

Thanks in advance to all of you. Except maybe you, Dave, and you, Margaret, and maybe you, Sugs, and you Maggie, and probably you, Mark, and you, Martha, and you, Donna, for that matter. Because I suspect you’re going to piss me off. Again. But that’s what I pay you for.

By the way, don’t look for the check. It’s not in the mail.

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