How to make a book trailer, part 2: actors hired, stock video collected, wallet bleeding

My efforts to produce a book trailer for my The Murder Plague novel are coming along great. Just ask my wallet.

I hired a terrific producer, thanks to Orlando’s fine electronic arts college, Full Sail University. He had some great ideas and expanded the concept I had worked up in draft. He convinced me that even though we’ll use very little live video (mostly audio against stock footage) we needed professional actors.

Fortunately, odd as it might sound, Orlando is crawling with terrific actors. We’ve got a nice theater scene, but that only explains why Orlando is like any other medium-sized city with a nice theater scene. It’s the theme parks: they hire tons of actors and that attracts a lot of talent to the city. All the theme parks have shows. Lots of them. But it’s more than that. Go to Disney World. See Cinderella? She’s an actress. Go to Universal. See Spidey? He’s an actor.

Anyway, we cast one to play my police detective Lt. Marty Francisco; one to play my engineer, Guy Phillips; one to play my lead scientist, Dr. Michael Andrusek; and one who agreed to play all three female roles in the video, Kanetha Wilson, Karen Quinn and the 911 operator, because they each only have one or two lines in the video script and the actress said she could do them all. And because four actors was all (really more) that I thought I could afford.

We also selected some stock footage, though some of it I had to buy online.

This will be fun. We’re recording on Friday. Wish us luck.

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