How to make a book trailer part 3: Dealing with actors

We recorded the audio for the book trailer project for The Murder Plague today, making it all seem so real.

It was so strange to someone like me who’s never been involved in anything dealing with professional actors or recording. New things are so much fun.

The actors did not arrive all at once, creating some complications. Actually, one of them, Rebecca, who read the lines of my character Kanetha Wilson, did not arrive at all. She recorded her lines at home on her own equipment and e-mailed them to my producer, Casey.

Casey thought this was no big deal. He could mix the lines later.

Casey and I took two of the actors, Jamaal, who read Guy Phillips lines, and Kevin, who read Mike Andrusek’s lines, into the studio and recorded their parts. Both had dialogue lines with Kanetha’s character, and with Marty Francisco’s character, so I had to read Kanetha’s and Marty’s lines so they could respond to my readings. After they left, Eduardo showed up to read Marty’s lines, and I had to stand in for Guy, Kanetha’s and Mike’s parts for him.

My Kanetha, Mike, Marty and Guy came alive today, even though I still haven’t gotten an agent to read my darn manuscript. Damn, that was a thrill.

Casey weighed in from time to time. Tone down the laugh. I’ve got to mix those together and I can’t have one overwhelming the other. Don’t rustle those (script) papers. Slow down a bit. I went in full of bravado thinking I’d protect my money investment by being demanding of the performances. But either there never was a need, or I realized I was the only non-professional in the room so I’d best keep my mouth shut. And I did, for the most part.

Three minutes of audio took about 75 minutes to record.

I have full faith that Casey’s going to make this video incredible, even if my lack of marketing skills means it might only be watched by my friends and relatives. The close ones. But for now the thrill was listening to someone breath life into my characters.

And yes, while I’ve abandoned my original budget, the whole project is still comfortably within three figures of dollars. Still hurts. But how much am i willing to invest in a dream?

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