Got a bite – agent e-mails asking for my full manuscript


Sometimes you can assume too much. Months go by and you get used to NOT hearing from any agents, or when you do you get those too-damned pleasant-sounding rejection letters until you actually like them.

And then.

I got a bite yesterday – an agent whom I queried dropped me a note asking for my full manuscript. I won’t jinx it by saying who.

After I finished my cartwheels and sent it to her, the first thought of curiosity crossed my mind.


This was one of the first agents I queried, back in February. I checked my notes and found her firm indicated responses in 60 days, and I consequently had crossed her off my list and moved on.

In fact, she’s terrific – I recall liking her profile a lot when I read it last winter. So I’m thrilled. But why did she respond after 120 days?

I’d like to think she saw my book trailer and thought, “Didn’t that guy send me a query a few months ago?” I’ll go with that until I learn otherwise. Meanwhile I’ll be like a kid who sent off for X-ray glasses from the back of a comic book, eagerly watching my (e-) mailbox every day

Anyway, there’s a lesson here: don’t cross agents off the list just because they say it’ll take xx days and xx days go by without any response.

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