Recognizing a major flaw and fixing it; will a second time on market be received?

One of the big differences between the new and improved version of Eve’s Swath and the version that I half-heartedly floated on the market a couple of years ago involves a major flew that I knew all along existed but just couldn’t push myself to fix, until recently.

The flaw involved a hole in the background of the main protagonist, Eve Mirada. I hinted at a troubled past, I clumsily described the troubled past, but I just couldn’t make it real. She was a far weaker character than her co-star, Max Studebaker.

Now that I’ve tackled that issue head-on, with full energy, I feel as if I installed a backbone into a character who was something of a jellyfish. I feel really good about it. I can’t understand why I didn’t come up with a fix for that problem earlier. Part of the problem, of course, was I just couldn’t come up with the answer then.

But frankly, that’s a cop-out. I couldn’t come up with an answer two months ago either. But I read around, I researched, I thought, and I came up with it.  I think Eve’s Swath rocks now.

So I really regret putting the flawed version on the market two years ago. Here’s why:

A lot of agents have this little disclaimer somewhere on their listings, something like: “If we’ve already turned down your manuscript, please do not resubmit it to someone else in the agency.”

Please do not resubmit. What if it’s fixed now? What if it’s better?

There are hundreds of agents out there and maybe even hundreds of agencies, so it’s not as if I polluted the whole ocean. But the couple of dozen or so agencies to whom I submitted Eve’s Swath were selected because they looked like the best fits. They were my first choices.

I’m gonna give some of them a second chance to bite the apple. Worst they can do is say no again, right? Still, I worry I might be wasting my time.

Maybe they won’t remember.

Please do not resubmit. Stupid rule. Here it comes.

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