Pitching Eve’s Swath directly to niche publisher

Yes, there even are niche publishers dedicated to UFO stories. At least there’s one.

By accident I stumbled across The Invisible College Press, which is dedicated to UFO and conspiracy stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

Now that’s a dark, kooky world for which I have no interest, except that I’ve written a novel about that world. I probably would have never considered such a niche publisher. But that changed when I read The Invisible College Press’s webpages. It seems the publisher, too, thinks of it as a dark and kooky world and shares my amusement of the culture. That’s what Eve’s Swath is all about. It seems like a good fit.

So I’ve pitched them the book. It seems to me that among direct-publishers you might as well pick one that understands your market. Actually, I have no idea how they market their books, but they’ve published a bunch of them, including some that look and sound, based on their write-ups, to be pretty interesting.

Besides, how can you turn away a publisher that lists, among its staff, “Minister of Propaganda.” I assume that’s the marketing director.

None of this means they’ll publish Eve’s Swath. First, they have to like it. They will. That’s not what worries me. But I’ve got to like them as well. I’m looking forward to conversations with their Minister of Propaganda, as well as their Chief Physicist, their House Astronomer and their Illegal Advisor.