Recognizing a major flaw and fixing it; will a second time on market be received?

One of the big differences between the new and improved version of Eve’s Swath and the version that I half-heartedly floated on the market a couple of years ago involves a major flew that I knew all along existed but just couldn’t push myself to fix, until recently.

The flaw involved a hole in the background of the main protagonist, Eve Mirada. I hinted at a troubled past, I clumsily described the troubled past, but I just couldn’t make it real. She was a far weaker character than her co-star, Max Studebaker.

Now that I’ve tackled that issue head-on, with full energy, I feel as if I installed a backbone into a character who was something of a jellyfish. I feel really good about it. I can’t understand why I didn’t come up with a fix for that problem earlier. Part of the problem, of course, was I just couldn’t come up with the answer then.

But frankly, that’s a cop-out. I couldn’t come up with an answer two months ago either. But I read around, I researched, I thought, and I came up with it.  I think Eve’s Swath rocks now.

So I really regret putting the flawed version on the market two years ago. Here’s why: Continue reading